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KINGS MAGNET is a high-tech enterprise which integrate development, design, production, marketing of NdFeB magnet, Alnico magnet, Ferrite magnet, SmCo magnet and Magnetic assembly.

We are committed to research and production of high-performance, high-precision, complex magnets, in order to meet the requirements of special motors, sensors to work in complex conditions, such as high temperature stability, we developed a low weight loss, low temperature coefficient products, and have great consistency, the aging testing performance excellent.

Our magnets are mainly applied to motors and generators, such as Servo motors, Linear motors, Wind power generators, Automotive drive motors, Compressor motors, Audio equipment, Home theater, Instrumentation, Medical equipment, Automotive sensors, Wind turbines and Magnetic tools etc.

KINGS team will still keep the commercial ideas of Honesty, Efficiency, Supremacy, and continue to keep advanced technology, perfect service, scientific quality control to produce our magnets, truly satisfy our customers to applicability, economy demand and reliability!



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